The Pö Derma System

The Pö Derma System

As a cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Adi Yoskovitch has dedicated his life to helping people look and feel amazing. He is now introducing an advanced system of skin care products for use in a comprehensive daily regimen, carefully and scientifically designed to help you achieve the healthiest, most beautiful skin you can attain. Dr. Yoskovitch’s vision is that your external beauty parallels your inner spirit and celebrates who you are as today’s woman. Dr Yoskovitch does not believe in anti aging and negativity. He believes in positivity and the celebration of a woman’s inner beauty and spirit being reflected in her outer appearance.


I have spent more than two decades practicing aesthetic medicine and cosmetic surgery, listening to and learning from the patients in my care – how to meet their aesthetic goals and how they feel about their skin – as well as improving my professional qualifications and continually absorbing the very latest and best research to help me achieve these goals.  Through all my experience and accumulated knowledge, I have discovered that the power of a simple comprehensive regimen with the right products can radically improve the look and feel of skin of any type.

Through my extensive experience, I also learned that women want more out of their skin care products.  While wanting younger looking and glowing skin, they want their products to allow them to look the way they feel – smart, successful, beautiful and empowered.  Today’s society make’s women feel that they need to reverse time and the aging process.  We at Pö Derma believe that women should embrace who they are and celebrate their appearance, while at the same time improving skin quality and appearance. Our skin care system maintains, optimizes and creates a healthy, youthful glow and harnesses our internal confidence.

My desire and the goal of Pö Derma is to create and share this line of products that empower as many women as possible to feel and look better. The Pö Derma system is a comprehensive daily regimen scientifically designed to combat the effects of environmental stressors and modern living in order to achieve optimal skin quality and appearance.  And with Pö Derma, it’s simple:

1. Cleanse

Our skin collects a buildup of unwanted and damaging molecules from all kinds of sources. They oxidize skin at the cellular level, but also block and clog pores, ultimately damaging the skin surface. Without removing these impurities, and freeing the skin to regenerate naturally, skin deteriorates more quickly than it should, and lacks the health that gives that universally-desired ‘glow’. Cleanse morning and night.

Pö Derma Flawless Daily Cleanser

2. Repair

Nearly all of us have skin damage of some kind, be it from sun exposure, heredity or day- to -day exposure from the environment. Taking optimal care of your skin means not only preventing damage, but using a comprehensive skin care regimen in order to repair, replenish and revitalize at a cellular skin level in order to achieve optimal skin health.

Pö Derma Glowing Refined Polishing Mask

Pö Derma Brilliance Resurfacing Serum

Pö Derma Radiance Growth Factor Serum

3. Protect

You need to protect your skin from the inside and out. A healthy diet including plenty of water gives you the nutrition and hydration you need from the inside; your moisturizers and lip balm help prevent moisture loss and increase hydration for your skin from the outside. They also actively fight the oxidizing effects of our daily environment. The night cream is a little heavier to give you that additional protection and critical nurture throughout the night.

Pö Derma Lustre Intense Moisturizer

Pö Derma Luminous Night Cream

Pö Derma Luscious Refined Lip Balm